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The production and printing of posters, i.e. specifically the printing method and choice of material, varies based on whether the poster is intended for outdoor or indoor use.

  • Posters for point of sale
  • Posters for City-light displays, columns, shop windows, kiosks
  • Posters for exhibitions and congresses
  • Posters for the horizon system and city furniture
  • Posters for poster areas
  • Eurobacklight posters for scrolling systems 508 x 238

We print the largest paper poster from a single piece of paper in a 320 x 500 cm format.


    For printing posters for interiors we use:

    • papers in sheets from 488 x 320 mm to 1770 x 1270 mm in weights up to 300 g/m2
    • papers in rolls in various weights up to a roll width of 320 cm

    From roll papers we use coated papers 135g and 200g, photo papers 200g, 270g and 300g, CLV paper 150g or laminated CLV paper for Eurobacklight. For high price pressure or for poster areas we use BBS paper 115g.

    For outdoor poster printing we use:

    • waterproof papers
    • CLV paper 150g, which we use for printing Citylights in illuminated showcases and Abribus at public transport stops
    • we most often use BBS 115 g billboard paper with a blue back side, for billboard printing and for display areas

    We also offer printing of posters in illuminated roller systems on polypropylene materials and backlight films.


    We print posters according to the place of use and viewing distance on various suitable printing technologies.

    Poster printing for interior

    • Photographic posters - the highest photo quality for exhibitions and interiors - we print on Canon IPf 8100 with pigment ink with 12 colours and high UV stability.
    • We print posters up to A3+ size on a low-cost production colour press IP 6000 VP from CANON, black and white posters on CANON IP 1110.
    • Posters in high quality with the possibility of outdoor use - we print on machines OCE ARIZONA 350 XT a DURST Rho 320r UV printing.

    Poster printing for exterior

    UV printing on DURST machines is particularly excellent for backlit applications such as citylights and backlit scrolling systems.

  • We cut posters on the Fotoba XLD 170 automatic cutting machine into the required formats, so the speed of processing even a large number of posters will satisfy the demanding requirements for express client deadlines.

    We frame the posters using NIELSEN branded high quality framing strips in various colour shades or mount them in snap-on strips with the possibility of hanging in windows and interiors.

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