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We print standard and non-standard sizes of billboards for Brno, Prague and the whole Czech Republic. Even for larger campaigns, the rule of thumb can apply. For our printing technology, even a difference in address or other image, e.g. a regionally different motif, is not a problem. The production of billboards is possible from one piece by digital printing.

According to the most common dimensions, billboards are divided into the following types:

  • EURO-format 5,1 x 2,4m
  • BIG board 9,6 x 3,6m
  • SMART board 6 x 3 m

    Printing of billboardswe produce high-quality billboard paper, banners and self-adhesive films from one piece digitally.

    • We print short-term campaigns on billboard paper - BBS 115 g/m2.
    • Medium-term campaigns (approx. 3 - 12 months) are printed on vinyl monomer film.
    • Long-term campaigns are printed on polymer vinyl with lamination - guaranteed for up to 5 years for colour fastness or on vinyl tarpaulins with meshes and tunnels for repeated installation in multiple locations.

    Banner becklit ENDUTEX 450 g/m2

    It is a banner with opalescent material, designed for illuminated applications for stretching into light frames, on illuminated displays and illuminated advertising panels. It is available up to a width of 500 cm.

    BBS paper120 g

    Blue back side paper is a paper used for printing posters for billboard display. The blue back side covers the underlying motif so that it does not shine through and disturb the printed motif, as the posters are glued one over the other.Billboard posters are printed with solvent and UV printing technology is used for posters for closer viewing distance - higher resolution.

    Self-adhesive monomeric film 3-year ORAJET 3164 gloss, matt

    It is a monomeric 3-4 year film in white or clear with a glossy or matt surface and a clear or grey permanent or semipermanent adhesive. The film is suitable for short and medium term exterior applications and long term interior applications. The UV stability of the colours and material when using solvent printing without lamination is 2 years outdoors. With lamination the durability increases to 3 years. For lamination it is easier to use 100μ. thickness and therefore we print exclusively on film of this thickness. The material is available in widths up to 160 cm


    We print billboards with solvent inks. Printing takes place on the HP Turbo Jet 8300 machine on up to five rolls of billboard paper at the same time - i.e. at a printing speed of 8 EURO formats, which is about 90 m2 per hour. The production of billboards is therefore very fast.


    Billboards and bigboards printed on BBS paper and self-adhesive foil are cut on the Fotoba XLD 1700 automatic cutting machine into strips and then packaged according to customer requirements and distributed according to campaign distribution lists. We cut the prints on vinyl tarpaulins on a ZUND cutting table and then reinforce the edges on a FIAB 918 high-frequency welding line, fitted with plastic or metal eyelets for fixing.

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