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We offer:

  • Wobblers
  • Shelf stoppers
  • Shelf talkers
  • Shelf rails
  • Shelf leaflets
  • Floor graphics
  • Entrance and security gate covers
  • Hanging posters
  • Basket fronts
  • Pallet stands
  • Decorative boxes
  • Fridge Covers

    We use different types of corrugated board. Corrugated board is a multi-layered material consisting of outer sheets of plain paper of different weights and an inner layer of corrugated paper. There are many types of corrugated board - with different technical parameters, which leads to its use for different purposes.

    Wobblery KM 300g + laminate double-sided
    Shelf stopery Pentaprint 0,5 mat/mat
    Shelf talkery Pentaprint 0,5 mat/mat
    Shelf rails Pentaprint 0,3 mat/mat
    Shelf leaflets KM 160g
    Floor stickers 3M underfloor sticker removable + laminate rertified R11 170 MIC
    Hanging posters micronda, E-wool, KM Kappa-plast, Kappa-tex, KM300g
    Decorations for security gates Machine glue, E-wave
    Basket fronts Evacast white, mat 0,3
    Decorative boxes Machine glue, E-wave, EB-wave - by size

    Wobblers and leaflets are printed by sheet-fed digital printing on a Cannon IP 600 VP. Others on large-format UV presses OC Arizona, DUST RHO 200 P10 and in larger runs on offset UV press Heidelberg


    Stickers can be cut to any shape and format. The products are laminated hot and cold or screen-printed. To achieve the final product, the materials can be cut, or even creased and folded to get the final product to the client. These products can be used in POS and POP but also elsewhere. Processing is carried out on a ZUND table for creasing and digital cutting - trimming with an oscillating knife. We laminate the floor stickers with a special laminate with anti-slip certification.

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