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Counter stands

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Counter stands are placed, for example, at the point of purchase to make the product more visible and thus encourage shopping. Benefits therefore include improved sales through increased product visibility, attracting customer attention during promotional events or product launches, reduced storage space requirements (packaging is delivered flat) and environmental friendliness (packaging is recyclable and made from renewable resources). They are therefore a flexible, fast and economical advertising solution.
We offer a range of standard packaging for displaying goods on the counter, which can be seen in the picture. There is also the possibility to custom design a specific stand to your liking. These products can be supplied to you flat packed or also pre-folded.


    We produce counter stands from corrugated or machine-made cardboard, which can be easily recycled after use. The stands are structurally strong to support a certain load, although they are quite light to lift and carry.

    Aluminium lightweight plates 2 - 4 mm thick Alubond

    For digital UV printing, laminated foil or plotter graphics, for stressed realizations or for long-term and shape-stable applications in the exterior we use Alubond boards. The material is a combination of a lightweight polyethylene core in thin aluminium plates. In proportion to its strength and dimensional stability, it is light in weight and has excellent weather resistance.
    Standard dimensions: 2500x1250 mm, 3050x1500 mm.

    MIKRONDA - hollow polypropylene

    We also use polypropylene cavity plates for UV printing and coating with cut graphics or printed and laminated foil, which have the advantage of low weight. The cavity (chamber) polypropylene is mainly intended for interiors, but can also be used for exteriors in the short term. It is characterised by its exceptional lightness and considerable toughness. It can be used for printing, cutting, bending.
    The material is available in thicknesses of 3.0 - 10.0 mm
    Dimensions: depending on type and weight 2000x3000 mm and 1000x1400 mm


    For the counter stand committee, the cardboard is printed with UV technology on a machine OCE ARIZONA 350 XTandDUST RHO 200 P10 with a special treatment for cardboard printing. This technology offers photographic print quality and a wide colour range. The UV inks are cured with UV light, which literally "melts" the ink into the substrate making the resulting graphics colourful and scratch resistant. No additional lamination is required. UV inks do not emit any harmful fumes, making this printing technology an environmentally friendly option.


    Stickers can be cut to any shape and format. In order to achieve the final product, the materials can be cut, or even creased and folded to get the final product to the client. These products can be used in POS and POP but also elsewhere. Processing is carried out on a ZUND table for creasing and digital cutting - trimming with an oscillating knife.

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