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Floor graphics

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For the decoration of exhibition floors we use:

  • carpet with photographic print
  • lineleum with photographic print
  • floor sticker covered with a special floor laminate with anti-slip certification

    • For short-term use we use Carpet Extra with UV printing - the economical option
    • Carpet for long term use high durability Carpet Sub Special, we print with sublimation transfer, can be cleaned with conventional means also for showroom or reception
    • Linoleum for short-term use floor vinyl UV - for short-term use we print UV
    • G-floor linoleum for long term use - we print mirrored on the underside of the structured material - 5 year guarantee
    • Floor sticker with 90 or 170 mic laminate depending on the required load

    Carpet Extra

    Suitable for UV printing, available in a maximum width of 320 cm. It is most suitable for interior decoration, as a mat for company halls, waiting rooms, hallways, etc. Or simply if you have a lack of space for your advertising. For short-term purposes, it can also be displayed outdoors.

    Polyester carpet

    This tall carpet with an impregnated backing provides excellent colour results when printing photographic motifs for luxury decoration of corporate showrooms, exhibition displays or custom interiors. The printing method is on sublimation paper with subsequent transfer to calender.


    • We print carpets by UV printing or sublimation technology
    • We print linoleum and stickers with UV printing
    • All these printing methods are environmentally friendly

    • All materials for floor graphics are cut on the ZUND G3 3XL 2500 into the required shapes
    • We carry out coating or laying

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