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Hanging frames

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Suspension systems over trade fair displays or in sales areas often form a visual landmark and attract the attention of exhibition visitors or shoppers from afar.

We use various types of aluminium profiles and textile materials for the suspension systems. We supply hanging systems in various shapes, both straight and curved.

  • cubes, roundels, other straight and rounded half-planes
  • with visible profile
  • with hidden profile
  • unilateral and bilateral
  • 2D and 3D shapes

    We provide the following materials:

    1. UV printed
      • Samba FR 190 g elastic non-squeezable material for hanging frames and lightboxes.
      • Pongs artist Heavy 290 g material for switching in frames and hanging systems and for lightboxes in large formats.
      • Terra Heavy FR 250 g in widths up to 505 cm for illuminated or large installations.
      • Policryl GB – material with grey backside in widths up to 505 cm for installations where total opacity of the textile material is required.
      • Dynajet B 300 – textile blockout up to 305 cm wide with the option of printing on both sides.
    2. Sublimation printing
      • Sublitex 230
      • Stretch Canvas 240 g – a slightly elastic, non-squeezable material for off-setting into frames and hanging systems.
      • Decotex 310g for tensioning and hanging structures and as textile banners with an extensive colour gamut.
      • Pavel – textile we use for printing and sewing tablecloths and curtains.
      • Powerstretch - a very elastic and completely non-creaseable material for stretching into frames and especially for use on Velcro pop-ups.

    Terra heavy 250 g/m2

    Textile material with 100% polyester content, characterized by a fine textile structure. It is ideal for exhibition graphics and POP. It is available in 320 and 505cm widths. The material is also suitable for lightened applications when printing with higher saturation. It is B1 flame retardant certified.

    Expertex Double

    This is a textile with the advantage of double-sided printing. 100% polyester textile with a luxurious satin finish and black interlining suitable for balls, events, as a decoration for curtains, etc. The advantage is the non-translucent light. Fire resistant material, it has M1 and B1 certification. It is suitable for UV printing and is available up to 510cm wide. In combination with UV printing it is a completely environmentally friendly product.


    Display 210

    Lightly stretchable textile material with 100% polyester content, characterized by a fine textile structure. It is ideal for exhibition graphics and POP. It is available in widths up to 310 cm. The material is also suitable for backlit applications when printing with higher saturation. It is designed for sublimation printing, both direct and transfer. It has a B1 flame retardant certificate. Motifs printed on this material are characterised by excellent colour rendering.


    We print textiles in several ways:


    For UV printing we use the highest quality machines of the renowned brand DURST. This technology offers photographic print quality and a wide colour range. We use this technology to print mainly textile backlights for illumination.


    Sublimation direct printing - printing directly onto textiles and sublimation transfer printing - via sublimation paper achieve very high resolution and the widest colour gamut of any digital printing technology. Sublimation technology can be best used for printing on common textile materials, but also, for example, for carpet dyeing. We thus print photorealistic print productions for large-scale advertising and textile design purposes. Textiles printed in this way can be washed and maintained in the same way as other dyed ready-made textiles. We use Mimaki sublimation printers with print widths of 160 and 320cm


    We also perform the following finishing operations on printed materials:

    • Machine trimming on the ZUND machine using the DRT tool
    • Sewing round cedars
    • Velcro fasteners - velcro, including 50 mm elastic
    • We weld multiple strips of fabric together using high-frequency tape

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