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Delivery time for flag printing is within 3 days. We ship promotional flags within 24 hours!

We deliver:

  • Advertising flags for interiors - for exhibitions, shopping parks, shop decoration
  • Advertising flags for exteriors, for petrol stations, car dealerships, car showrooms, flags and shamrocks, corporate flags and national flags
  • Advertising and product beachflags, fly wings - lightweight presentation systems with stands for exterior and interior

    We provide the following materials:

    Sublimation printing

    • Flagship 90g and 110g in widths 105cm, 160cm, 320cm.
    • Winter flagship (AIRTRICOT) 117g/m2, in widths 162cm, 255cm, 310cm.

    Polyester winter flagging 110 g

    This transparent material is also suitable for printing flags. We print by direct textile printing with subsequent sublimation heat fixation at 195 C. The material is characterized by its lightness and perforations for easier air permeability and after printing, approximately 95% of the face motif is visible from the reverse side. The weight is 110 g/m2. It is B1 certified. We print by sublimation with subsequent fixation.

    Expertex Flag

    This transparent material is suitable for printing flags. It is printed by direct textile printing followed by sublimation heat fixation at 195 C. The material is characterised by its lightness and after printing the reverse side shows the face motif with approx. 90 % intensity. The weight is 110 g/m2. Printed by sublimation with subsequent fixation.


    We print flags in two ways:

    • Sublimation printing direct - prints directly on the flag
    • Sublimation trasfer printing - printed on sublimation paper with subsequent transfer - transfer to the flagging in a sublimation calander

    Direct printing

    It is a method of printing directly into the textile with the best effect of printing on the other side of the material. After printing, the flagging is dried and wound onto a roll, then it is put into a sublimation calander, where the actual colouring of the fibre takes place at a higher pressure and temperature of 20°C.The flagging printed by direct printing has an intense colour on both sides of the motif - on the face and reverse and the ratio of the colour intensity of the face and colour side is approximately 95/90%, this method of printing is particularly suitable for flags that are intended to be flown on poles or otherwise fixed in space so that they are visible from both sides.

    Transfer printing

    The colour pigment is transferred from the sublimation printing paper when heated to approx. 200°C during calendering into the fibre of the flagging, the flagging printed in this way has the most intense colouring on the face side - 100%. The reverse side does not reach the intense colouring, Flags printed in this way are intended to be viewed from one side in particular - for wall hanging, suspended ceilings, etc.


    We also perform the following finishing operations on printed materials:

    • Machine trimming on ZUND machine
    • Simple stitching
    • Double stitching
    • sewing tunnels
    • reinforcement of the flag with tape
    • eyes and carbines

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