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Plastic letters

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We carve plastic letters and logos with a milling cutter from various materials:

  • PVC foamed 3 to 20mm
  • Styrodur
  • Plexiglas
  • Alubond

We carry out colour treatments using self-adhesive foils or varnish.


    FOAM-lite PVC lightweight boards, thickness 1 - 19 mm

    For digital UV printing and subsequent cutting we use Foamalite plates - it is a free foamed PVC - PVCP. It has a significantly lower weight and better mechanical workability compared to solid boards. The material is highly flammable, self-extinguishing.
    Standard dimensions: 2000x1000 mm, 3050x1560 mm, 3050x2050 mm.

    PLEXISKLO - acrylic

    Polymethyl methacrylate is generally referred to as acrylic or plexiglass, XT stands for extrusion manufacturing. For direct printing or coating with translucent foil we use clear or opal - milky white plexiglass with a diffuse roughness, or plexiglass cast in coloured shades.
    Standard dimensions: 3050x2050 mm, 3050x2150 mm, 4050x2050 mm, 6000x2100 mm. Material thicknesses from 1.5 to 20 mm

    Aluminium lightweight plates 2 - 4 mm thick Alubond

    For digital UV printing, laminated foil or plotter graphics, for stressed realizations or for long-term and shape-stable applications in the exterior we use Alubond boards. The material is a combination of a lightweight polyethylene core in thin aluminium plates. In proportion to its strength and dimensional stability, it is light in weight and has excellent weather resistance.
    Standard dimensions: 2500x1250 mm, 3050x1500 mm.


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