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Zund G3-3 XL 2500

detail of the cutting knives and calibration tool on the Zund G3

a table plotter equipped with a sliding belt and a cutting surface size of 3200 with 2500 mm. So the maximum width of the cutting media is 3.2m.

The machine is equipped with a knife for cutting soft materials such as banner, textile, paper and thinner plastic lightweight boards, and a kiss-cut knife for cutting self-adhesive films, so that in one operation the machine is also equipped with a cutter for cutting thicker lightweight boards, dibond, plexiglass and similar materials.

For cartoning, the machine is equipped with an oscillating knife + creasing wheels, so it allows us to realize boxes, corrugated cardboard stands, cardboard counter stands, life-size character-shaped banners. The only limit is the size of the cardboard sheet. The machine is equipped with the latest ZUND CUT Center system and automatic tool height detection and adjustment. In combination with the DURST Rho 600 with a print width of 205 cm and the Arizonaaa 350 XT with a print size of up to 250 x 300 cm, the machine thus gives our customers extensive POS capabilities and significantly reduces our delivery times for jobs that previously required the involvement of a large number of workers for the finishing process. For example, 250 800 x 2100 mm roll-up banners are processed on the Zund G3 in 6 hours. The print was printed on a Durst Rho 320 r on material 250 cm wide - three motifs side by side.

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