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For the cutting of board materials (PVC, DiBond, Plexi...) a milling cutter is used, which can be used to mill individual pieces. For production, it is necessary to prepare the individual object correctly and to prepare their assembly on the sheet. The assembly of objects for production can be prepared by the customer himself or this service can be ordered for production at the hourly rate of DTP works. If the assembly is not prepared according to the parameters below, the client will be notified by the production. It is not possible to start production without correctly mounted data.

Preparation of an individual object:

Leave a minimum 3mm bleed on all trimmed objects, except for trimming motifs. CMYK colour space, no PANTONE or DIRECT colours are allowed, these will be converted to CMYK with no guarantee of colour consistency. The diameter of the tool is 3mm and it is necessary to take into account the offset of the path when mounting objects on the cut.

Preparation of assembly on arch:

The maximum sheet size is 3000x2500. The size of the material to be processed must be consulted with the producer. Cutting path 1pt thick in black - 100% K. The clipping path must always be a closed object. Passing marks are 4 circles of 7mm diameter preferably in the corners of the document and a fifth circle approximately halfway down the long side of the document. The circles must not touch any other graphics. The clipping path and pass marks must be in two different layers in the document named "cut out" and "camera". The cutter rides outside your clipping path by default. If you require the cutter to ride on the inside of your clipping path, the layer must be named "cutter in".

BEWARE of multiple lines in the same place (the machine would unnecessarily mill multiple times in the same place).

The result of the preparation are two files:

  • FILE No. 1 - printable: PDF v.1.3 PDF/X-1a contains custom sticker graphics + pass markers
  • FILE No. 2 - trimming: AI v.8 contains a cut path of stickers + pass markers

Example of installation on arch.


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