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Low-cost printing

Low-cost printing

Because our goal is a flawless and professionally produced job, it is necessary to prepare the print data properly - in the right file type, in the right color space, at the right scale, at the right resolution, and with the right file name - before sending the job to production.

SRP s.r.o. handles orders on the basis of the data provided in the order and is not obliged to check its correct status. It is assumed that the print data has been prepared by a specialist and does not require further adjustments and interventions before printing. Costs incurred due to later adjustments requested by the purchaser (including possible machine downtime) will be credited to the client's account. The client is also responsible for the content and quality of the print data supplied.

If the print data is prepared or named differently than specified in these terms and conditions, it cannot be passed to production due to the risk of jeopardizing the successful execution of the order. The client will be notified by the producer of the shortcoming so that he can make the change or order a correction from SRP, s.r.o. according to the applicable DTP work rate/hour.

Without properly prepared print data, it is not possible to start production.

For proper print data preparation, please also read the important cautions and specifics on data preparation for some products.

File type

WE ACCEPT PRINT DATA ONLY IN PDF FORMAT version 1.3, the pdf file should contain all fonts used in it (insert all fonts) or convert fonts to curves, compression should be used in high or maximum quality with conversion to resolution according to the table below. CMYK colour space without spot or Pantone colours. For maximum print quality of color transitions, it is advisable not to use JPG COMPRESSES for bitmaps included in the pdf.

multi-page pdfs - e.g. business cards, calendars, brochures, etc. - The pdf must be centered on both sides, the pdf must be the same size, and each front page must be followed by a back page, in case of multiple languages put the language type in the file name.

We accept other formats of print data only upon agreement.

CMYK colour space

All of our machines print using CMYK colour, which means that the data MUST be sent in CMYK. All spot colors will be converted to CMYK on the RIP according to the basic conversion curves, and thus we cannot guarantee color consistency.

If it is important to adhere to the colours (e.g. logos), we recommend specifying the relevant Pantone colour code in the order or supplying a test print (Matchprint, Cromalin or digital proof), in which case we will do our best to match the print as closely as possible - technology permitting.

Patterning is a paid service.

Black and white printing

If you want to print only in black and white - on a B&W printer, it is not necessary to have the data in Grayscale color space, because on a B&W machine the data is converted by rip.

Scale of the print file

Print data should preferably be supplied in a 1:1 ratio.

If it is not possible otherwise and you have data in a different ratio (1:2, 1:5, 1:10), it is necessary to increase the DPI of the embedded files in the same ratio to achieve the correct resolution when enlarged to the original size. If you have data in a different ratio than 1:1, you must indicate this in your order.


200 – 400 dpi

Size of printing sheet: 450 x 320 mm - we print on SRA3 sheet, 1200 x 320 mm by agreement

Print area size: 440 x 310 mm

Table with the number of pieces on the press sheet

Product name Max. size including bleeds and trimming. marks in mm Number of pieces per sheet SRA3 - 450 x 320 mm
Business card 100 x 60 20
A6 (Postcard) 115 x 158 8
DL 220 x 109 6
DL with stock on the short side 430 x 109 3
DL with stock on the long side 220 x 208 2
A4 220 x 307 2
A5 220 x 158 4

File name


File name - the name must contain the name of the product, weight and material, number of pieces and the name of the motif, so: product, weight and _number of pieces_name, all without diacritics, e.g.: business cards300g_200pcs_ Valchova.pdf

For material name abbreviations, see the Table of Examples of Products, Recommended Weights and Uses for the most common materials.

In case of multiple languages, put the language type in the file name.

This precise file name prevents possible errors that may occur during the production of your order.


BUSINESS CARDS - just prepare one business card without mounting on the sheet, 3mm bleed, cut marks: thickness 0,5-1 point, length 2 mm - place right after the bleed, if there is no bleed, just prepare a cut (less cutting = cheaper).

COVERED BUSINESS CARDS - attention - prepare business cards as a multi-page pdf, must be centered on both sides, must be the same size pdf and each front page must be followed by a back page!, one pdf must contain business cards that have the same number of copies, e.g. a pdf with 100 business cards and another pdf with 200 business cards

PLEASE NOTE: If the business card together with the bleed and crop marks are larger than the standard size - e.g. the bleed is 5 mm - you have to take into account that the standard (properly prepared, i.e. 1 business card 10 x 6 cm including the bleed and crop marks) 21 business cards will not fit on an A3 sheet, but fewer, more sheets will have to be printed (to keep the ordered number), the price will be more expensive.

PERSONALIZED PRINT - supply preferably a montage from Indesign, or a pdf - one preview as a pattern including personalization and one print without using personalization and a database (Aces or Excel - each personalized item must have a separate column).

Image personalization - the database (Aces or Excel) must contain the full file names (images) including the extension. For example, in license plate personalization with name changes, you just need to provide us with a photo of the license plate and we will insert the font the license plate uses and create the images. This operation requires different software than Photoshop, so we can create an almost infinite number of images in a short time. We also offer the possibility to choose from a database of images and fonts, where we can personalize e.g. 3D fonts - see DIRECT SMILE.

BROCHURE - Printing of multi-page file, for binding V1 - it is enough to print pages in pdf, but they must be divisible by 4 - i.e. if you want white pages, all pages must be inserted in pdf - even for cover 4+0, where the back side is white (white sheet=two pages)

CALENDARS - Printing a multi-page calendar file is not prepared as 13 pdfs, but one 13-page pdf, watch out for the theme or text going into the binding

BINDING - V1 - scrapbook binding - book folders and cover are inserted into each other - pdf pages in a row are enough, but they must be divisible by 4 - i.e. if you want white pages, they must be inserted in the pdf, when preparing a document with binding it is necessary to take into account the space for binding (so that the texts, motifs are not next to the binding), up to a maximum of 20 pages on each other, for multi-page binding we recommend choosing another type of binding

BINDING - V2 - glued binding - ATTENTION cannot be done with lamination of pages

RING BINDING When preparing a document with binding, it is necessary to take into account the space for binding (so that texts, motifs are not near the binding)

  • Diameter 9 mm up to 50 sheets 100 g/m²
  • Diameter 14 mm up to 80 sheets 100 g/m²
  • Diameter 16 mm up to 110 sheets 100 g/m²
  • Diameter 19 mm up to 160 sheets 100 g/m²
  • Diameter 32 mm up to 370 sheets 100 g/m²


  1. It is always necessary to check the overprints of individual objects. It can happen that the graphic designer fails to check the overprint of an object, the PDF preview on the screen does not reflect this, and the overprinted white text may not be visible on the final print!!!!! This must be checked by the person who prepares the data.
  2. Pay attention to the correct size of crop marks and the correct size of bleeds, if they are larger than standard they may not fit on the sheet as you expect and more sheets may be printed. Example: if the business card with the bleed and trim marks are larger than the standard size - e.g. the bleed is 5 mm - you have to take into account that 21 business cards will not fit on an A3 sheet, but fewer than the standard (correctly set up, i.e. 1 business card 10 x 6 cm including the bleed and trim marks), more sheets will have to be printed (to meet the ordered number), the price will be more expensive. See Table with the number of pieces on the press sheet.
  3. Print multi-page file - prepare multi-page pdf, not each page separately, e.g. calendar is not prepared as 13 pdf, but one 13-page pdf. All individual pages of the pdf must be centered and follow each other exactly.
  4. ATTENTION to rasterization - if the texts (or even vector graphics) in the print data for small-run printing are rasterized, the printing will not be precise, it will consist of edges of raster points! So even a pdf saved from Photoshop won't be ok though.


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