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Laminátor Foliant G400

The FOLIANT Gemini C 400S is a semi-automatic single-sided laminating machine for digital printing, robust design, with pneumatic pressure of the main rollers, with built-in compressor, equipped with a conveyor for easy manual loading of sheets, polished laminating roller and automatic separator of laminated sheets. The machine is supplied with an adjustable unloading table (option) or a vibrating unloading table (option).

With its characteristics and performance, FOLIANT Gemini C 400S is suitable for laminating B3 sheets printed on offset presses and especially for laminating B3 sheets from digital presses.

The maximum speed of the machine is 15 m/min.

The maximum output of the machine is 1800 B3 sheets.

The standard version of the machine handles sheets up to a maximum size of 38 x 58 cm. In the extended version (with XL module, option) it also processes sheets 38 x 66 cm.

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