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For photographers

We know that only the highest display quality when printing your photos is the deciding factor for you in choosing a print partner.

When you manage to capture a unique moment, colour or space with your camera, you need the resulting reproduction to be as close to reality as possible or even more perfect.

We strive to use available printing technologies and printing materials for the truest possible representation on the widest possible range of materials and surfaces.

We print on high quality 300 g photo papers, painting canvases, as well as stickers, board materials, plexiglass and textiles.

Each printing technology has its advantages and limitations. We will inform our client in advance about the possibilities of materials, inks and machines. We are able to give priority to the highest quality and affordability of the desired print realization.

For printing colour and black-and-white photos in the highest quality, we purchased a 44-inch Canon IPF 8100 printer.

We offer calibrated printing on glossy, glacier and satin photo paper 300 g/m2 and excellent backlit. The calibrations were made by Mr. Viktor Navrátil - so they are very good.
Canon's unique 12-colour LUCIA pigment ink system provides a wide range of colours with high accuracy and perfect balance through the pioneering use of both RGB and CMYK inks. Two print heads containing 30,720 nozzles, precisely position 4picolitre ink droplets.

Black and white photographic printing has never looked so good. The combination of black, matte black, gray and photo gray inks provide smooth, grain-free transitions for incredibly realistic black and white photos. The printer paves the way for numerous large-format applications such as wedding and christening photography and the fast-growing field of portraiture.

Just as importantly, the iPF8100 printer lets you create permanent, light-speed prints for 100 years. With borderless printing up to 42" wide, your prints will make the ultimate impression.

If you require a wider format for your prints, we offer printing on the MIMAKI JV3 or JV 5 up to a material width of 1600 mm from a single web. The machines use mild-solvent inks with even greater colour fastness and outdoor durability.

most often we print on 260 g glossy photo paper with the option of glossy, matt or satin lamination, on stickers with different degrees of outdoor stability and length of warranty, on painting canvases, banners for framing and other materials.

If the printing width of 1600 mm is not enough or if you want to print your motif directly on board materials, you can use our DURST Rho 600 printing machine with a printing width of 2000 mm.

The machine prints with UV light-stabilized polymerizing ink on PVC boards, Kapa boards, Plexiglas, MDF boards, wood, as well as textile materials, paper, self-adhesive and banners of various qualities and surfaces.

Typical for this printing technology is a velvety surface reminiscent of VELVET photo papers.

And if you need truly mammoth images, we can print banners or textiles up to 3,2 or 5 metres wide. And even these can be joined by welding or sewing.

For close viewing distances, however, these technologies have their limits in terms of print point size depending on the use of the respective print heads.


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