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The Rho 512R sets new quality standards in the 5 meter wide format printing segment.

With a print quality of 800 dpi and a maximum speed of 350 mph, the Rho 512 prints on the largest range of roll-fed materials for the exhibitions, POP, POS and advertising markets

We can now also print three 1.6 m wide rolls or two 2.4 m wide rolls independently for different print jobs simultaneously.

Printing with low operator and supervision requirements and low ink consumption, thanks to its high colour range, makes our Rho512R one of the most cost-effective printing machines of all time.

Our DURST Rho 512 r is equipped with Variodrop technology and uses multiple pulses to modulate the print droplet. This is the second generation of the Rho 512.

This gives us the highest quality and highest productivity printing on materials such as backlights, banners, textiles, stickers and other roll materials.

We can now promise our customers prints up to 1,500 m2 of super-wide textiles for exhibition stands or backlights for showcases to illuminate in a single day (24 hours) in the highest quality they can get on the market today.

And that is exactly what the current market demands.

Rho 512 r prints with Rho ROLL FLT inks with the best colour brilliance, colour range and density.

Rho ROLL FLT inks are highly flexible for textile and backlight applications. So now we can achieve excellent performance on critical textiles such as DYNAJET. This type of inks are best for all roll applications. The inks have the following certifications:

European Toys standardEN 71 Part 3, GREENGUARD certification, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and respect the AgBB regulation.

The main advantages of the DURST Rho 512 r for our customers:

  • Variodrop grayscale technology delivers high-speed printing while maintaining perfect print quality
  • Low ink consumption allows us to provide an attractive price for your large print jobs.
  • The backlight printing facility allows for excellent results when printing both textile and film backlights
  • Duplex printing accessories and software allow you to achieve high accuracy when printing roll media on both sides.
  • Printing on multiple rolls at the same time will allow us to further speed up delivery times for your large orders.
  • Accessories for printing textiles and meshes allow you to accept your orders for thin fabrics such as TCS VOILE or MESHE.
  • The Integrated Knife System allows material to be trimmed lengthwise right at the time of printing, further reducing the time required to finish your jobs.


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