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The Durst Rho 320r is a UV roll-to-roll ( UV RTR) printer that uses special elastic UV curable Rho Roll ink for printing roll materials including textiles.

The machine prints backlights on backlight film or on CLV paper, banners, elastic and rigid textiles as well as special textile materials for LED light panels such as Dynajet, Samba, self-adhesive films, posters on paper, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester films.

Rho-roll ink is NORDIC Swan certified - environmentally friendly and is also certified for facilities such as kindergartens and playgrounds, etc.


The Durst Rho 320r has a print width of 320 cm and prints at real production speeds of 20 to 80 m2 per hour depending on the number of passes. We have included the machine in our portfolio to help us to significantly increase the print resolution and colour quality of prints on wider roll media (printing large maps with text sizes of around 6 - 8 points is not a problem for the machine) and also, above all, to handle larger print orders, where the print quality of the Scitex Xl jet is no longer sufficient, in express deadlines.


Durst Quadro Array 28pl printheads and high colour saturation inks enable us to deliver colour-perfect, crisp prints to our clients with high productivity and zero environmental impact. The machine will thus help us to further improve the quality of our services for the benefit of our clients and speed up the printing process itself, for even shorter delivery times. It will also enable us to print lightweight textile materials in a width of 3.2 metres, which are suitable for light boxes and switch frames used for decorating retail areas and shop windows, in the field of trade fair graphics, for sporting events and special events, or large-size paper posters in print roll widths of up to 320 cm, which are intended for illuminated scrolling systems.


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