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Canon IP 6000 VP colour sheetfed press

The imagePRESS C6000VP is a digital colour press that delivers image quality comparable to offset production.

Characterized by even higher print quality, exceptional finishing capabilities and significant production capacity, it heralds further developments in production and profit opportunities.


  • Prints at a constant production speed of 1800 sheets / hour on all weights 70 - 300 g/m2 The speed of the machine when printing 4/4 is 900 sheets / hour, i.e. 1800 double-sided printed A4 leaflets per hour
  • Appearance and quality are very difficult to distinguish from offset printing
  • Image quality comparable to offset printing
  • Innovative technologies
  • Accurate printing with consistent output stability
  • Maximum productivity for media weights up to 300 g/m²
  • High reliability maximises profit
  • Universal finishing touches

Even higher quality

By combining numerous technological innovations, the quality standard that is imagePRESS has been created. For example, Canon's V toner, with its ultra-fine particle size and fixative-free fusing, together with enhanced image control technologies to optimise gloss, deliver an outstanding final appearance on all media.

Expected and appropriate colours are guaranteed virtually throughout the entire length of print output thanks to Canon's ARCDAT (Advanced Image Control System) and our new colour toner saturation stabilisation technology.

Exceptional speeds and productivity

Production speeds reach 60 rpm, even with thick media or media with a surface layer up to 300 g/m². The maximum media supply can be 10,000 sheets loaded in up to 8 different sources. This allows for 8 hours of uninterrupted production time when using Canon's V toner.

High-precision printing

Canon Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures exceptional accuracy of front-to-back and side-to-side registration. Advanced Smoothing Technology (AST) enhances the print quality of documents containing a combination of text and complex graphics. Effective Resolution System makes intelligent image adjustments based on the way the human eye perceives prints.

The Advanced Air-Assisted Feeding System for air-assisted feeding ensures high reliability thanks to the ultrasonic double feed detection system, which detects the feeding of multiple sheets at once and resolves them without interrupting operation.

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